How to Link and Activate Netflix on ROKU?


Starting Activate Netflix on ROKU!!!

Activating any channel with ROKU is as easy as a cake walk. Nothing is too complicated or has confusing steps. The only factor that you have to bear in mind is that not all ROKU channels are free. Prime Channels like Netflix come at a small subscription charge. Also activate Netflix on roku brings you all the profits of being with the streaming service.

How should I activate Netflix through with the help of the link

Setting up Netflix through ROKU is very easy. Also this channel has the best ranking among the Digital Entertainment Channels in a global scenario. Given below are the steps to activate Netflix on ROKU com link. This will give our customers a general view of the treasure they are to get with Netflix.


The basic Netflix Set-up process (Activating the Netflix Channel)

  • Open a web-browser that is trusted and secure (Google, Firefox etc.)
  • Then go to and access your personal roku com account
  • Following that go to the ROKU Channel Play Store and pick the channel by one of the following means.
  1. Type, search and then pick the Netflix Channel from the ‘Movies and TV’ segment/
  2. Or you can directly pick the Netflix Channel icon if it is shown on ROKU’s front channel app page.
  • Also if step iii is not applicable to your system, please follow the below steps for your Moreover this step will be positioned on the style of the ROKU Streaming Gadget you are using at the moment.

1. Relevant to customers using the ROKU 1 model

  • Go to your ROKU Channel Store as mentioned in iii
  • Choose the Netflix option from the section ‘Movies and TV’
  • Press on the ‘Add Channel’ to add it with other channels to your personal ROKU account.

2. Significant for the users with the other ROKU Streaming Device models.

  • Find the option ‘Streaming Channel’ on your device’s Play Store
  • Then go to the choice ‘Movies and TV’
  • After that search for Netflix and then pick the option ‘Add Channel’. This will add the Netflix channel to your ROKU account.

Adding the pack

Also, after you have added Netflix to your account through one of the methods given above, access Netflix now by clicking the channel icon. Then you will:

Get an automated message enquiring if you are a Netflix Customer. To go ahead you can :

  • Either press ‘Yes’ and proceed if you have paid the channel subscription fee
  • Or if it’s a ‘No’ then continue with either of the two following options
  • Go to and follow the simple steps indicated to create your Netflix Account and to make the channel purchase.
  • Alternatively you can pay for your Netflix account straightly online through the ROKU pack that you have subscribed to.
  • Now with the Netflix subscription fee submitted, wait for the channel activation code.
  • Subsequently, fill in this code in the required space to finally activate your Netflix subscription with ROKU com.

The final step:

Later, after your Netflix subscription is activated you can now enjoy your favorite programs without any problems.

What are some of the best programs available on Netflix?

Activate-Netflix-ROKUClearly it’s without a doubt to say that Netflix has one of the best program line ups within the online entertainment industry. Also, they have some of the most rated programs too. Nevertheless a few of the customer favorite Netflix offerings are:

  • Altered Carbon
  • American Horror Story
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Crown
  • Dexter
  • Dracula
  • Gotham
  • House of Cards
  • Mind Hunter
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  • Nurse Jackie
  • Sherlock etc etc…

Absolutely it is a prime thought that- amusement means TV for the mass popularity in entertainment. Digitalized TV and Online Streaming have changed the face of amusement in the last two decades. Such is the development in the entertainment world. And this in turn has revolutionalized the way people perceive and enjoy their recreational time.