Battle of the Smart TV Boxes: Android TV vs. Roku

Android TV Box Kodi

Are you looking for the best Smart TV box platform? At that point, you are in the right place. Smart TV box and streaming boxes will probably be at the highest point of your vacation shopping list and picking the product with the software that works incredibly for you. Here you can see the battle of the Android TV box Kodi and Roku and choose best for your home amusement.

Hardware availability of Android TV Box Kodi

Before we jump too incredibly into the alcoves and fissure of every stage, let’s discuss the sort of hardware that’s workable for each.

Streaming boxes

Streaming boxes are the best method to get to everything Android TV box and Roku need to give without paying many dollars for a fresh out of the box new TV set, and this is one area where Roku pulls a simple triumph. Presently, Roku gives you a varying assortment of streaming boxes and also sticks that you can get at a sensible value, each with their own set of highlights and limitations.

Smart TVs

Android Pc TV Box worked in, yet they all are on the rich side. One of the cheap options is a 43-inch LED set with the 4K HDR bolster that is recently on sale, yet once again Roku’s stage made sense of how to expand your dollar significantly more.

User interface

Kodi on Roku and Best Android TV Box Kodi both take various routes concerning their particular UI and considering this is something you will interface with every time you talk with your TV, it is principal you utilize one that works most unmistakable for you.

Roku, the high spotlight is on straightforwardness. Further, your home screen demonstrates a list of the considerable number of uses and channels you have presented and you can investigate through various pages inside the menu on the left.


 News created by different levels, controlled by AOL Video

Streaming Channels 

Library of paid and free applications you can download to your Roku TV.

My Feed 

Updates on any TV programs and motion picture you want, for instance, when they are accessible for acquisition or when they go on sale.

Movie/TV Store

Fast access to acquiring or leasing movies and TV appears through Fandango.


Comprehensive inquiry to find a specific title for the greater part of your introduced applications.


Roku’s theme, change the time, control accessibility alternatives, and so on.

Roku’s interface is very easy to navigate and understand, but it is looking a bit dated these days.

Android TV Box Kodi showcases recordings at the top of your screen in light of your decision, what’s well known, and any unique acquisitions or rentals you’ve made.

Voice control

Roku added voice controls feature, but not every streaming box comes with a remote that supports this out of the box. Maximum premium alternatives do, but Roku also sells its advances remote that support voice search so you can update your current system after the fact as well.

Roku voice feature works just excellent. You can utilize it to discover particular titles you’re searching for, browse content from a specific performing artist or chief, launch applications and search classes inside them, and more. In addition, in the event that you have a Roku TV, you can utilize your voice to change inputs, move to various broadcast channels, and launch Roku’s Smart Guide.