How To Watch Free Live TV On Smart TV Box in USA

Smart TV Box

Smart TV Box is the best device to watch TV at your Home. It has different streaming channels and different streaming categories. It comes with various streaming types such as Music, Movies, Sports, Documentaries, News, Business, Health, Live TV, On-demand, TV shows etc. Further, it comes with popular channels like Netflix, HULU Live, HBO GO, Fox Sports and many others. Following are some numerous ways to Watch Live TV On a Smart TV Box in USA:-

Watch Free Live TV On a Smart TV Box in USA

DirecTV Now

This is a large streaming platform to Watch Live TV contents. The DirecTV Now provides you Live TV On-Demand Services. However, if you subscribe this channel to your Smart Tv Box Control, you can watch 100+ Live TV channels without any extra payment. Moreover, DirecTV Now has numerous streaming channels which provide:-

LIVE TV on Smart TV Box

The most beloved service users want from a Smart TV Box channel is Live TV. You can stream Live TV contents like sports, News, TV shows. Further, DirecTV Now includes popular channels such as History, Disney, ABC, Food Network etc.

Sling TV 

The Sling TV is a large streaming platform for Smart TV Box users. Moreover, this channel has many sports channel subscriptions. With different subscription package, you can watch different Live TV channels from Sling TV. You can download this channel on your  Android Smart Box TV.


If you want to watch Live TV then subscribe Hulu Live TV on your Smart TV. The users can watch Free Live TV programs on HULU Live TV channel. Also, offers you Live TV contents.

YouTube TV on Smart TV Box

This is Free Live TV channel you can watch Live TV from YouTube TV channel.  The TV channel can be accessed through your IPTV on Smart TV.

PlayStation Vue on Smart TV Box in USA

The PlayStation Vue is a streaming service. It allows you to stream your favorite TV shows, Movies, music and much more. However, this channel offers Live TV streaming on your Smart TV Box Control.

Smart TV Box in USA ON DEMAND 

On-demand is another interesting streaming service you can enjoy on your DirecTV Now channel. If you are bored with TV shows, Movies then watch something interesting by your choice. The users can watch 20,000+ movies and TV shows from DirecTV on-demand section.

Similarly, you can stream premium channels, More Freedom TV category on your Smart TV Top BoxThat’s all; you can Watch Live TV On Your Smart TV through above channels.