Activate YouTube on your Android Smart Box For TV


You want to activate You Tube, then do not afraid of that, Here we furnish complete guidance about activating YouTube on your device but sometimes you feeling embarrassment from the small screen of your device? You have wished to increase the size of the picture? Then, You can make your Android Smart Box For TV as a device for video output from YouTube. Moreover, YouTube app has capabilities to installed on Smartphone’s, Modern TV models, Game console and Tablets, allow explore the videos on the large screen. Furthermore, It appreciates high-quality HD picture and sound.

 In this topic, we will talk about how to watch videos from YouTube on Android Smart Box For TV. Here we are giving accomplish steps to activate You Tube and enter the code from TV

YouTube TV App (Activate YouTube)

Most of the current TV models are furnished the YouTube application, allowing you to view different videos with Wi-Fi Internet. The Mentioned application is available for televisions that are supporting for smart TV technology, like Android TV, Google TV, and Apple TV. Do you have such kind of TV? Then you can easily connect your Android Smart Box For TV to a local Wi-Fi Network, fire this application over the TV card and choose desire video and watch your favorite video on YouTube.


How to Activate YouTube with your Android Smart Box For TV

Are you guys using Wi-Fi Network? Then you can connect the device from YouTube with your TV or Game console. And watch videos on the big screen from your small screen device. Here are few steps:-

  • First of all, is your devices are connected with same Wi-Fi Network? Then click in small icon which is placed in your players menu.
  • And after that select the device to output the picture.

Note: If automatic connection is not possible, then we do individually, this is depending on the device that you are using

  • Go into the YouTube application on the TV >Settings and then click blind device
  • Now, get the connection code. Next step is depending upon your device.

Do the following steps for Activate YouTube:

For the PC :

  • First, go into your YouTube account then select
  • Now go to menu item and Select connected TV and enter the connection code.
  • And press Your Smart TV Box in Us is now connected

For Android OS:

Start the YouTube application on your device.

  • Go to settings and choose connected TV
  • Then click on Add TV.

For iOS devices:

Firstly, click on YouTube application on the apple device.

  • Next, move to the settings and select connected TV.
  • After that, enter the connection code into then click Add.

I hope, with the help of these steps you will be able to connect YouTube with your large screen Android Smart Box for TV. But still getting any trouble to Activate YouTube on your Android Smart Box For TV contact us we will help you to Activate YouTube on your Best smart TV box