How to stream Live TV on Kodi through Smart TV Box

Live TV on Kodi

Kodi give you amazing collection of streaming contents. So, if you are getting bored watching Kodi on a computer screen and then you must stream Live Tv on Kodi through smart TV. However, Kodi provides you unlimited entertaining contents such as TV shows, Movies, Sports, On-demand and much more.

Kodi can be installed on various digital devices like Smartphone, Tablet, set-top boxes and computer. Similarly, if you want to access on your smart TV, then you should install a VPN. Moreover, a VPN can hide your real identity from online contents. We are recommending IPVanish  VPN for your smart TV box. The IPVanish is the best software for your android devices.

How to watch Kodi Live Tv on smart TV?

The users need a smart TV box, a TV, Smartphone, high-speed internet connection and an HDMI cable.

Choose the best streaming device to watch Live TV on Kodi

First of all, you should choose a best set-top box for your home TV. The Kodi TV Box has advanced features rather other streaming players. Further, you can buy this streaming player at an affordable price. After that, you can watch unlimited entertaining contents on your home TV.

  • Connect TV and smart TV box

If you want to stream Live Tv on Kodi, You need to attach TV and Kodi TV Box. However, the users need to connect their streaming box and TV. These both devices can be connected by using HDMI cable. So, put an HDMI and insert its first end into your TV and another end to your streaming box. Hence, now both devices need a power source to turn on, you should have to provide power.

  • Next, connect to your Wi-Fi network

The users should have a high-speed internet connection. However, you can stream HD quality contents if you have the best internet connection. Likewise, connect your smart TV box to your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Simply, go to “available networks” option and choose your network’s name.
  • Then, you need to enter your username and password to connect your smart TV top box to your Wi-Fi network.

Note: The smart TV box has an Ethernet port so that you can provide wired internet to your device.

  • Turn on screen mirroring on your Smartphone

Once you  have connected your device to the internet, you need to enable “screen mirroring” option on your device. Also, the users must have Kodi on their Smartphone. Furthermore, go to android app store and get Kodi current version.

  • Initially, you need to go to your Android TV home screen.
  • Navigate to the main menu then click on Settings option
  • Further, choose displays and sounds  section from the settings menu
  • In displays and sounds settings, you will be able to turn on screen mirroring.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to watch Live TV on Kodi. Now choose your device for mirroring to your smart TV. After that, you can explore Kodi.TV on your big screen. Further, the users can add numerous Kodi Addons to Kodi app. However, the add-ons will allow you to get more functionality on your Kodi.

Apart from it, if you want to get more details regarding this topic then go to our official website page. Here you can get relevant information about smart TV box.

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