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Turn your TV into an up to date streaming device. stay advanced, Stay current, Stay with the flow. With a pioneering technology behind the transition of the streaming world, ROKU brings instantaneous streaming of your choicest TV shows and popular Movies to your device of selection at its best, through Roku Com Link.

What is ROKU?

ROKU players (TV, Stick, and Players) a.k.a ROKU (just in simple terms) are a modern technology linage of streaming devices branded and manufactured by ROKU. Inc. They fall into the grouping of the media players’ category with the online genre. A Roku streaming gadget works when it takes the delivery of information (the video streaming data) through a given Wi-Fi connect or a wired/ from an Internet connector. The resulting data is then bought to you via an aural/audio transmission cable, video lead, or an HDMI connecting device straight onto several of the appliance form. To wind up the information in a nutshell, ROKU is a petite black package looking box which will turn your TV into a casement of modern entertainment viewing. More info can be availed at

Why have ROKU???

By being with us at ROKU not only lets you stream and view unimaginable amount of your preferred and addictive sum of shows and cinematic visions using online arenas like Netflix, Amazon’s Video On Demand (VOD) services etc, save for at the same time you can also flow in sports and related type of choices devoid of wire-links and tunes from platforms such as iTunes, Pandora and MOG.

Roku presents seven forms of streaming pieces of equipment’s (more details at and is always broadly preferred by those on a hunt for rewarding substitutes to the traditional form of long established Cable Television. The ROKU merchandise set consists of a line-up of streaming players, a stick to connect the streaming, and customized ROKU TVs with incorporated Roku streaming technological tools to be for your service.

Streaming with ROKU (Channels Options)

Having the Instant feature of Netflix streaming on the Roku devices, it has on offer a wide and striking compilation of up-to-the-minute, traditionally classic along with a selection of ambiguous movies choices and television programs on the menu . It is also possible to buy various contents from the Amazon-on-demand service to be more on the contemporary side of the viewing preferences that you have. Above all, the most forward and interesting fact in making ROKU more popular is the addition of HULU Plus another of the streaming services and the endless library of movies and shows that come along with it.


In addition to all these features and additions, has had the Sports and entertainment fans given equal consideration. Saying that the inclusion of supporting services like the MLB TV (a station where games that are not being able to be viewed in your area/market due to being not broadcasted can be caught live or streamed on demand after their transmit has been ended), has attracted spots fans in a bunch to use the service of ROKU. Topping up that another of the offering of ROKU for the sports enthusiasts is the addition of the UFC channel which includes on-sir-live fights as well as those which are stored from earlier battles. Which comes as an additional boon to the ROKU service is that it has a ROKU newscaster- an amalgamation of everything major news related with BBC, ESPN, CNN, NPR, NBC and the FOX channels bought together.

So to say being and streaming with ROKU at, not only helps you to get hold of your favorite shows and movies but at the same time it gets you additional advantages that will fill your leisure time with content and satisfaction. We can guarantee that with great confidence and happiness.

Guide to Set up:

Acquired a brand new ROKU player to stream through your TV? That calls for a complete setup guide and step by step instructions in activating your ROKU TV/Stick. Looking on advice on how to get or use the activation code on  with the Roku link? Stay in loop with us for getting your solutions and much more through the information that we will provide further.

  1. Setting up the Account:

The most common trouble the first time users face with ROKU is the perplexity on the set-up and activation methods. Customers also might have a bit of confusion and mix-up with accessing and activating the ROKU gadgets. So to solve that we have below, a step by step technique of activating with ROKU.

  • To start with, go to the ROKU official website
  • There they with prompt you to enter and submit your activation code in the space provided
  • After the successful entry of your code, they will move you to the next screen where two options will be displayed. (1) Create a new ROKU account  or (2) Log-in with an existing account

(**For a first time user/customer of ROKU you have to go with the first option (and give a bunch of basic information) and create a new account to start activating and streaming with your device.

** If you are an existing/continuing user you can always go with the second of the options and use your Log-in credentials to continue using and enjoying the services of ROKU.)

  • After successfully activating/re-activating your ROKU account, you will be able to see the two options of payment that ROKU has for you. You can use either of them- the Credit card or the PayPal to set up the imbursement process. (In a general overview, the Credit card method is more favored among our users but choosing any method is up to the sole freedom and choice of our clients).
  • To move and proceed further with the activation, choose any of the payment methods and submit.
  • After the transaction way is selected, the creation of your exclusive PIN is the next step. This PIN is to be used in all of your future transaction when necessary. Note it down in a safe place and make sure this doesn’t get in reach of others. THIS PIN IS VERY IMPORTANT IN THE WORKING OF YOUR ROKU ACCOUNT.
  • Also make sure that this PIN is easily rememberable and accessible to the holder of the account.
  • Finally, select your choice of channels and entertainment selection to add to your ROKU Channel List.
  • With this, Congrats… Your account is effectively created.
  • Setting up the Device:

As explained earlier and is the basic knowledge, our product ROKU is an online streaming device making you able to access a tone load of TV and Movie collection which are otherwise too expensive with the Cable Connections or inaccessible due to their exclusivity. This device helps you in getting a requisite set-up link to stream your beloved tapes. In addition to all these you can have access to a bottomless selection of Music, Movies, Videos, TV Shows etc. just by having a basic connection to a good quality internet. The main advantage of being with ROKU is the easiness of its set-up with a great comfort level. But as it is the way to have some disgruntled customers, there are confusions when it comes to using the ROKU device in a proper way. Henceforth, we are giving a step-by-step total instruction on how to successfully set up your ROKU device:

  1. Fixing the batteries into your ROKU remote

To start with, open the cover of the remote provided with the pack. Towards the end/flip-side of the remote there will be a slot for the batteries. Open it and inset them making sure of the precise polarity within the battery slot. After closing the back cover, make sure everything is in place secured after it. Your ROKU remote control is ready to use.

  • Operating the TV

With the remote ready, press on the ‘ON’ button indicated on the ROKU remote. With that the indicator light goes off and the start-up screen on the TV (you have connected) switches on. With a tad bit of wait (in setting up) the Fist Guide SetUp of the ROKU account is shown on your screen.

  • Selecting your preferred Language(s)

Each time you switch on your ROKU account (as set-up), the first prompt is to select a language of your choice. With that selection done, the all following texts and steps will come in your selected language preference of your primary choice.

  • Selecting a Country

The next step is to select the country where you will be operating your ROKU account from. This is a mandatory step required by the ROKU brand.

  • Connecting the ROKU device.

To successfully connect you device, you need to have a good and strong internet connectivity

After that launch an internet connection suitable to you.

With the internet connected you need to choose your wireless/Wi-Fi network from the selection of given set of connections and enter your code word.

Sometimes the same network you use automatically connects your linked device to the internet.

For extra information and support you can see the ‘help finding your wireless network and password’ section

In the mean while you can also see the choice of ‘Show Password’ if you select to see it that way (Show/Hide password alternative is given near to where you enter the actual password).

After you enter your custom password and select to Connect, your appliance/TV will be connected to the internet.

  • Downloading the Software (Updated Latest Version always!!!)

With the internet connected your ROKU player will be prompted to download the latest updated version of the ROKU OS (Operating System), when you first set up the device. Later on as the software is restructured, your device too will prompt you to do the same. Always keep a renewed edition of the software for smooth and effective functioning of your ROKU devices.

  • Activating the

For the initial set up of your ROKU account, you need to activate your link

With creating a ROKU account with the website you get to have an activation code after the payment through the proper channels. permits you to add or deduct or purchase new channels

You also have an option to add to your account the free channels of your choice from the ROKU channel store


  • Enjoy

With all the set-up complete and dusted you can lean back on your couch with your favorite snacks in a bowl and start to binge watch and enjoy your absolute favorite programs.

  • If in case of any problems, queries or general information you can always contact us at

Working with ROKU- How?

With the mass population, streaming devices like ROKU is growing their momentum in demand and acceptance. When they think of an appliance playing a video or an audio clip, they get their minds into the thought of the necessity in having a specific storage need for the playing clip. For example, to watch a movie of your choice on DVD, you need to go out to a shop to rent or get it physically or order the DVD online and wait for it to be delivered. This makes the enjoy ability go down a bit due to the little hassle in getting hold of the actual DVD. Or in other instance, if your favorite movie is online, you may have to search and find it in short clips, distorted videos or even get restricted due to it being a premium selection. This kills all the fun which you have anticipated in watching the movie. This just being an example and in many other similar situations, ROKU is a ground breaking technology pioneering in contravening the traditional pattern in this regard.

With the ROKU players (, streaming your pick of videos, audio clips etc. makes it fresh and convenient thus eliminate the hassle of running after the wait. On the condition that a strong steady internet connection is coupled with a TV attached to our ROKU apparatus, you can never flow out of Marvelous Movies, Addictive Shows, Nail biting Videos and Entertaining Live Channels.

Roku Types and Models

With all the popularity and demand, ROKU has three sets of defining Models

  • Roku HD
  • Roku XD
  • Roku XD S

With the models having a difference in features, it should be taken into mind your requirements and preferences before fixing your mind on the specific model. For that it is advisable to compare the models first and find which one suits you the most with the viewing necessities that you have. The most enticing feature and piece of information that tempts our customers the most is the fact that no recurring cost is obligatory with having the possession of a ROKU player. It’s a single instance deal and the rest is up to you. The only returning fees that come up are the payment of the pay-channels on ROKU. It is to be mentioned that there are free charge channels as well as pay-channels available on ROKU like, etc. Apart from these a lot more are at bid with channels and other offers. It is also worth a shot that with a tiny subscription charge you get to view a lot more that you may have anticipated. Hit alternatives like Netflix, Hulu Plus etc are available on ROKU and with them comes thousands of movies, television series and other Video-Audio variants offered on demand that once you get used to them they are like a sweet addiction not easy to shake off.

Assorted ROKU Remote Controls:

Given below are the variants of the array in remote controls we have to offer

  • Remote Control (standard) with Shortcut keys
  • Standard Remote Control with Streaming Stick
  • Remote Control with an Enhanced Voice Search
  • Enhanced Remote Control for Gaming with a Voice Search

With all the info about products from ROKU h ere like the streaming player, products etc. for any further inquiry and clarifications our technical support is always at hand. In the mean time as an alternative, you can use our live chat and online support source for instant clarifications and solutions (at

As it is the rule, basic information is always necessary to get a device to start with. We here are always at help and provide you with all the information to start with our ROKU products and to be with them for a smooth sailing in your enjoyment.

Special ROKU-Box Features and aspects

setup rokuBeing one of the most sort after streaming tune-up, ROKU box gets to you an innumerable count of channels for your knowledge, leisure and recreation. With having free as well as pay-on channels, ROKU has an archive of 1000+ free channels for you to enjoy. Having said about that, there are a few veiled activities and information that will make your viewing a bit more pleasantly successful. It is worth mentioning here that ROKU features are at their best when they are used on the latest version of the supporting software. So it is always advisable to be updated always for a hindrance-free viewing. 

Particular individualities of ROKU:

  • Forte with Private Listening features
  • Fashions a screensaver for your viewing device/TV by employing portraits from your mobile gadget.
  • Have your ROKU player and stream from anywhere you go on the device of your choice
  • Save your precious time with the ROKU Mobile App keyboard.
  • Pause your ROKU TV (for any of the models) while watching a Live stream.

Roku Products (Streaming)

ROKU is just not limited to a streaming box, the ROKU TV or the ROKU Remote Control. The range is much wider with supporting elements and accessories making ROKU a really strong brand line. Coming up in the latest technology and enticing features, now ROKU has on offer the HD and HDR picture quality with its hottest knowledge. Given below is our range of the general ROKU crop:

  • Roku Micro USB for a steady Power Supply
  • Power supply chord for Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra
  • Power adapter for the Roku 4 
  • Premium Headphones (with the In-ear element)
  • Premium Headphones with the In-ear feature for the Family Packs
  • ROKU branded In-ear headphones
  • HDMI cables for premium quality high-speed streaming
  • Optical Audio Cable
  • Composite A/V Cable (3.5mm to RCA)
  • Composite A/V Cable (RCA to RCA)
  • Component cable for Roku XDS
  • Micro SD card (2GB)
  • An Adhesive Strip (to be used with the ROKU Express and Express+ models for an ease in the Set-up and Activation).

Why with Smart TV Box for

With us at Roku our customer support technologists are at their utmost willingness for providing services to our precious clientele at the uppermost stage of consumer continuance we can endow with. Trustworthy all-inclusive effort with the success, in maintaining copious adversity makes our consumers absolutely pleased with our offerings with the ROKU services we provide. We here in all our capacity dedicate our ongoing pleasing achievements to our strong and loyal customer base which is in an increase mode. This alone can show how preferred we are with providing all-about overhaul with ROKU. The is capable and well skilled at the delivery of the devices offered and its resolution with the follow-up to our patron base. This keeps the relevant housing along with the commerce trades in loop having an agreeably rewarding outcome at the end of the day. We here recognize our customer’s present technological concern (when such one arises) when presented through and with a solution-upping analysis in a deeply diagnostic way we bring an inimitable resolution with our Phone Contact or our Chat Support.

Technical Support

As it is said, with the machines comes at times a technical bump. So with these electronic technologies, little glitches and troubles might shoot up at times. But don’t worry when you hit a road bump, we are here to help you with the help required. The most difficulty our customers face is with the Activation of the ROKU account and devices at Saying that, if you have any sort of difficulty with the ROKU products, we are here to help and in detail the methods are mentioned above in this page in different sections and explaining steps. For further support it just takes a few moments to dial the Technical Support, with our team members at hand always to help and solve your issues faced. We have the best support for ROKU in a fast way. For some, being able to speak directly cuts the chase, so we have started a live chat section too on our website for assistance. To start, you just need in to type your query in the chat box and enter. One of our customer service technicians will get back to you the very minute they get your message at

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