Tips and Tricks to work easily on Android TV box

Android TV box
Android TV box

What is Android TV box?

Android TV box is a little set-top box that keeps running on the Android working operating system. It empowers you to stream content to your big TV screen. Many of these TV boxes move with a wireless keyboard and a voice search feature. And it makes it easy for you to find your beloved movies and TV programs. Essentially, these are used for streaming media from the Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix and even home server software, for instance, Plex.

Besides, you can simply stream 4K UHD videos utilizing some of these boxes. All of them have the capability to stream HD videos.

How does Android TV work?


Android TV is anything but difficult to utilize. In the event that, you start up your Android TV Box Devices, you can see the home screen. In addition, it is loaded with a vertical stream of line and you investigate by each line from left to right. Also, the peak row is the substance discovery bar, which highlights prescribed substance from surely well-known applications you use.

Google Assistant

While making a presentation at CES 2017 in January, Google confirmed Google Assistant is coming to Android TV Box great TVs and set-top boxes. Pending a foreseen programming revives, it will permit the new Nvidia Shield TV to be controlled by voice, and Samsung Smart Things support will add the ability to control smart devices around the house. Besides, it will effectively transform your Shield into a Google Home or Amazon Echo, yet one that plays media through an Android Pc TV Box rather than a speaker and can raise on-screen happens.

We have seen it work with a Nest thermostat, coffee maker and lighting in an early demo, so it’s an awesome development when it comes. Nvidia used the diversion controller as the mic, in any case, so you do need to forsake it lying around inside earshot. Nvidia disclosed to us that was essential. Putting the mic in the Shield TV box suggested that it would happily appear.

Applications and content

Presently, you need to go back to the vertical rows on the home screen. The second column is a rundown of featured applications, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, et cetera. On select TVs and devices, you may similarly watch the maker’s applications. On Sony TVs, for instance, you will get Sony Select, a gateway to a selection of uses that you can in like manner access to the Google Play Store on Android TV Box Best Buy.

Moreover, you will be watching a vertical column for TV sources of info, for example, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2, empowering you to just control and switch between inputs, while the vertical line underneath that highlights applications you have downloaded or have available on your contraption, like the Google Play Store, Music, Album, Movies and TV Google Play, and some more. Tap on any of these applications with a particular ultimate objective to peruse and find more substance.


Best Android TV Box Kodi supports single-player, multi-player, on the web, and disconnected gaming. Furthermore, you can utilize around four gamepads, Android phones, or tablets immediately while going up against companions.

How to set Android TV box?

The end row on the home screen is not really a row yet rather a devotion zone where you can click through to access settings, clocks, and help guides. In the event that you enter the Settings choice, you’ll see Android TV box settings, for example, Channel Setup, External Inputs, Display, Sound, and Network and Accessories menus for Google Cast, Bluetooth and System Preferences and so forth.


One of the coolest highlights in Android TV box Amazon is the capacity to use it for casting. Android TV accompanies Chromecast built- in.
On the off chance that you don’t own an Android TV-compatible TV, yet need to cast content from your mobile device or laptop to your TV, you have to purchase a Chromecast HDMI dongle from Google and connect it to your TV. With one, you can send everything from motion pictures and music to considerably browser tabs to your TV.

Devices offer by Android TV

 Ideally, you following TV and Android Smart Box for TV Devices are powered by Android TV and presently accessible for acquisition:

  • Nvidia Shield set-top box/console
  • Sharp AQUOS TVs
  • Razer Forge TV set-top box
  • Sony Bravia TVs
  • Xiaomi Mi Box set-top box

Hopefully, you have satisfied with above detail and lot more about Android devices. Apart from it, if you want to get more updations regarding Android TV Box Devices , you can contact us.